HandSteady Drinking Cup

handSteady is known as the most sought after drinking aid for people with tremor, limited dexterity, weak grip and muscle and joint pain and stiffness. It is famous for having a rotatable handle that enables users to hold the cup upright and steady in mid-air, resulting in less spills, increased confidence and greater quality of life without a reduction in dignity. Household dishwasher safe. Includes discrete fitted lid.

Over 800 people now use this specialist drinking aid to make drinking easier on a daily basis. Designed by Royal College of Art industrial designer, handSteady has won awards from Help the Aged, Lord Snowdon, Dyson and the Guardian.

The Rotatable Handle is a world first patent pending innovation with two ball bearings in handle that enable the cup to self-level using gravity, be held in many stable and comfortable positions, large enough for four fingers, works well as a feeder cup, and removes need to bend the wrist, raise elbow or lift head back as far.

The Hidden Lid Lid fits on rim and inside cup - hardly seen, easy to insert, has a drink and straw hole, reduces spills and liquid flow, and keeps drinks hotter for longer.

The Advanced Materials are lightweight, strong, with a premium FDA food safe compliant plastic that doesn't smell like plastic, self-lubricating, dishwasher safe, precise to width of a human hair, looks like bone china, hand finished, food safe and comfortable rim.

handSteady makes a superb gift for someone you care for and also for yourself. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny as it will give you results other drinking aids aren't able to provide, it's built to last, you're likely to use it for over 1 hour each day, you'll save time on cleaning spills and the increased ability can be quite transformative to your daily life.


**This item is sold only in the contiguous US States.