FOOOTY BALL - Limited Edition "Glow in the Dark" - the Any Shape You Choose Ball (available in Black, Red, Pink and Glow in the Dark colors)

FOOOTY: the any shape ball that fits in your pocket.

Sold only in contiguous United States

FOOOTY: the any shape ball that fits in your pocket.

  • KICK IT ANYWHERE: Strong enough to be booted around inside, but light enough to bounce off windows.
  • PLAY THEN FOLD AWAY: An indoor football made up of 10 flexible panels that can be folded up and stuffed into your pocket.
  • 10 PANELS, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Re-arrange the panels to transform Foooty into a rugby ball, a frisbee… or even a unicorn!
  • PERFECT FOR HOLIDAYS: It might be an indoor football, but it’s still a must-have accessory for any beach or camping holiday.
  • FUN FOR ALL THE FAMILY: Suitable for ages 6+. Commended by The Outdoor Toy Awards.

Foooty: Ultimate Football Game. Turns Into A Football, Rugby Ball, Frisbee, American Football and More. Foooty is a unique patented 2D construction that enables you to create 3D shapes. The elements can be connected with the smart Foooty click system. With these 10 Foooty elements, you can make all popular ball shapes to kick and throw around! Create a football, rugby ball, frisbee, American football and more. Foooty is resistant to kicks and tricks. It fits in every pocket and can be used anywhere, indoor and outdoors. With so many possibilities, Foooty is the ultimate football game for everyone. It's the perfect travel buddy for every vacation or day at the park. Included in this Foooty pack is an instruction manual to learn the basics. Also a handy elastic band keeps the stack together so it fits back in your pocket after playing.


**This item is only sold in the contiguous US States.

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